The Pro-Cserehat Association was founded in 2009 in Hungary. The aim of our organization is to develop, start and maintain complex regional development programs. The core concept of our methodology is to find complex solutions to a series of interrelated problems by providing employment, enabling healthy lifestyles and protecting the environment. We aim to include all stakeholders in our programs, both in the planning and the implementation process. Our Pro Ratatouille program has been providing solutions to unemployment, poverty and malnutrition by developing organic agricultural programs for village communities with an integrated methodology since 2012.

Besides regional development our organization also actively engages in research projects about poverty as a social problem and the policy environment affecting regional development and poverty.

Through our work over the last years we have encountered villages and municipalities heavily affected by lack of information, human and financial capacity problems when it comes to local development. It is for this reason that we have started to develop a network that connects settlements and NGO-s interested in community based local development. Through this work we hope to start an active dialogue among stakeholders and enable common policy advocacy towards decision makers.

Lack of information and misinformation also affects the wider public when it comes to organic agriculture, nutrition, community development and alternative economic models. In 2013 we started our Pro Ratatouille blog to publish informative articles about community based agriculture, sustainability, nutrition and alternative economic models. We hope that our recipes will encourage the adoption a mostly vegetable based, seasonal diet among our readers.

The Pro-Cserehat Association is a registered non-governmental organization in Hungary. Besides relying on our small staff we cooperate with several organizations and private partners in order to reach our goals.

In 2010 we won the Social Business idea award founded by Noble-prize winning economist, Muhammad Yunus. In 2014 the ERGO Network nominated our organization for the “Civil Society” prize of the European Economic and Social Committee.
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