Social business
The programs of Butterfly Complex Regional Development were developed based on the theory and practice of social business. A social business approach is characterized by:
  • Providing complex solutions to a series of social problems;
  • Social, economic and environmental sustainability;
  • Return on investment;
  • Happiness

Our programs are characterized by providing a win-win setting for participants, meaning they provide advantages for everyone involved. The benefit of the win-win setting is that not only a smaller community, but the whole society and the individual as its smallest constituent also enjoys the advantages.

We base our development programs on individual and collective FLOW experience. Contrarily to external motivation and actions aimed at avoiding a negative experience, FLOW actions are internally motivated and aimed at reaching a positive goal. The FLOW experience is typical of individuals who are capable of defining their own goals and developing their actions in order to reach them. In our development and cooperation projects we aim to reach community level FLOW activities.

Sense of freedom

The positive approach to the concept of freedom means for us the freedom of will that allows people to do something to improve their own lives instead of passively waiting for something to happen. This positive freedom approach is also interrelated with economic development and a context that enables economic development. The positive approach to freedom necessitates a capability-driven approach to individual development that is of central importance for the development of society as a whole.

Participation based development

Our program plans are developed in the spirit of participation based development, meaning they always respond to the needs and wishes of a certain community. Throughout our programs we always aim to involve all stakeholders in defining directions of development.

We plan for the long run
Our goal is to develop realistic, sustainable livelihood forms in order to fight poverty on a community and individual level. All our programs are designed with a strong focus on long-term sustainability.

Knowledge sharing

It is our mission to share our experiences with the wider public through conferences, publications and online media.
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