Hejő Sajó village network
The aim of the Hejő- Sajó village cooperation network is to raise the Pro Ratatouille program from the village to the microregional level. During the 14 months, we also aspire to activate citizens of the participating villages beyond organic gardening for sustainable development. As a result, new connections are made between and within communities, which helps to achieve long term village and regional development. Decision makers, employees of local authorities and all local stakeholders are able to gain thorough knowledge of sustainable development practices, such as methods of participant based development or organic farming.


Villages can participate in two ways:
- by starting a new Pro Ratatouille garden: Sajókeresztúr, Szirmabesenyő, Kistokaj and Sajósenye
- by participating in the sustainable development workshops and all events, including seeds and education material for individuals who are interested: Sajóecseg, Sajóvámos Sajóbábony, Hejőkeresztúr

Long term aim of the project is to accomplish development concepts for individual villages and the network and by this to ensure access to healthy environment, healthy food and livelihood for all the communities. Besides direct gardening activities, raising awareness to these issues and providing sustainable solutions is also a very important component of the project. We also hope to spread the know- how among other villages and regions in Hungary.


During the 14 months of the project (March 2015- April 2016) we will be accomplishing the following:
- Starting 3-4 Pro Ratatouille gardens and training new garden educator- supervisors
- Training of Pro- Ratatouille gardeners with specifically developed non- formal education methods
- Organizing 3 large scale microregional events in the themes of environment and healthy lifestyle
- Organizing small scale events in specific topics, such as herbs, composting, seed saving, etc.
- Village and micro region scale development plans
- Organizing a large conference and developing written know- how about the experiences gained during the 14 months

The Hejő- Sajó village cooperation network project is realized with support from Norway Grants.

Photos of the events can be viewed on our facebook page:

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