Corporate social responsibility
Starting a Pro Ratatouille program requires preparation work of up to one year. Those settlements most in need of our Association’s help lack the human and financial resources to start such a program. To launch a new program, on one hand we need a dedicated municipality, and, on the other, the financial resources to plan and develop the program adapted to local needs.

It is our goal to find supporters from the private sector and lower our dependence on grants. We would like to start a new type of corporate social responsibility activity in Hungary, which is beneficial for all parties involved.

We are looking for corporate social responsibility partners for supporting the following activities:
• Starting Pro Ratatouille gardens
• Infrastructural support for Pro Ratatouille programs: greenhouse, seeds, water pumps for watering
• Support in the form of intellectual work: legal and economic advice, web development, graphic design, marketing
• Support for knowledge sharing: venue, publishing, editing, graphic design
• Any kind of material or intellectual support related to our activity

We invite you to support our activity also by making use of our services:
• Developing complex corporate social responsibility programs
• Developing complex corporate volunteer programs
• Organizing workshops for co-workers in the fields of healthy lifestyles, social business and organic agriculture
• Organizing team building events

If your company or organization would like to support our activity, please contact us at:
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